Body   Sugaring

What Is Body Sugaring?

Body Sugaring is hair removal using a completely natural paste made from lemon, sugar and water. It looks like honey, but is even thicker. The paste is molded onto your skin against the direction of the hair growth, then quickly flicked off - removing the sugar paste, extracting your unwanted hair and collecting dead skin cells.  This technique allows for the hair to be extracted in the direction of its growth means less breakage and discomfort for you! It's more sanitary and reduces waste because there are no sticks or strips. After your service the paste and gloves are discarded and you are left with beautifully smooth skin.

How Long Does Body Sugaring Last?

For the best results, book your appointments when the hair is 1/8" long. At 1/8" the hair is in the beginning stage of growth and after extraction it will take longer to grow back.  As hair generally grows on a 6 week cycle, we recommend that all clients come in once every four weeks for the first three months to try and allow the hair to be on the same growth cycle.

Body Sugaring Services and Frequency & Pricing

Facial Sugaring

Upper Lip-$15  3 to 4 weeks
Eyebrows- $19  2 to 4 weeks
Underarms-$21  3 to 5 weeks
Chin/Cheek-$19  2 to 4 weeks

Face-$45  2 to 4weeks

Upper Body Sugaring

Arms and Hands-$30  8 to 10 weeks
Stomach- $25  3 to 5 weeks
Back-$40  4 to 6 weeks
Lower Body Sugaring- $57  3 to6 weeks 
Lower Leg- $30 3 to 6 weeks
Full Leg- $45 6 to 8 weeks

Bikini-$30  3 to 5 weeks

What Makes Body Sugaring So Great?

- any pigment or type of hair can be sugared.
- safe for sensitive skin types.
- removes ONLY dead skin along with unwanted hair.
- made from sugar, lemon juice and water so it is perfect for every skin type; no petroleum products here!
- does not need to be heated like wax so it will NEVER burn you!
- hair is removed in the natural direction of growth which eliminates breakage, unnecessary discomfort, irritation and ingrown hairs.
- eco-friendly and biodegradable.
- sanitary and individually portioned- no chance of double dipping sticks!

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