• Rina Ferguson Harvey

Going from Black to Blonde

At L'image we often get a lot of clients wanting to go from natural black hair/ boxed died dark hair to an artificial blonde. This can be a tedious and an unpredictable experience, to explain further… Black box dye is one of the hardest dyes to lighten out evenly, even with the strongest lighteners. Many times it will lift uneven & splotchy , even when fully saturated, and depending on the clients hair & porosity it may only lift 2-4 levels, to achieve a caramel blonde you must at least lift 5-6 levels and you will still be left with warm undertones. A second lift will most likely be needed. Black is the darkest pigment and holds a lot of red which is why usually the first lift you will notice a lot of warmth and usually will be a caramel or chocolate brown colour with the first round, during the second lift you will be lightened and gradually get to a medium blonde or light blonde phase. Depending on your hair it can also take a third lift to remove more unwanted warm tones, this is where some damage may occur, there needs to be a break between each lift, this will allow your hair to repair itself with protein treatments and moisture conditioner. This process may also be costly when achieving your desired transformation. Each lift with the proper lifting, bonding, and toning can cost between $200-$300 per service. Which can be costly for three visits. its best to come at this process with time on your hands, space out the lifts over the year so hair can stay strong through the process! For those of you who have a budget don’t worry we can work with you as well. Just give us a call for a free consultation.


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