• Rina Ferguson Harvey

L'image Salon Pricing

Updated: Jan 24

For a long time I have been wanting to explain L'image pricing structure ! Sometimes I think clients hear the salon is expensive which will deter them from coming and experience the atmosphere of L'image. L'image pricing is

A-La-Cart,, which means you get to pick what you will or will not spend. You can have a service as cheap as 35$ or as expensive as $350 depending on what you choose. L'image respects your budget and will give you several options during your consultations with your stylist.

L'image pricing is also based on a level system Level 1-level 4, Based on educations, time in industry and demand of time will determine what level they are on ! L'image is built on Education (Redken) every few months we have a Redken educator in salon, or as a team we go to the academy in Toronto, L'image is up to date with the latest trends and styles. I cant stress enough how important education is, there is always new ways to achieve the looks clients are wanting, and L'image can do that for you.

So if you have been wanting to give L'image a try , please do ! you wont be disappointed, we will be open and up front with you, we love questions.

Thanks for your time !


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