• Rina Ferguson Harvey

Why Salon Products are Important

It is so important to keep your hair as healthy as possible ! There are so many great products out there to meet everyone's needs, I personally LOVE Redken ! It has been around for so many years and has a product for every hair type. At L'image we strive to educate all our guest on the right products for their own personal needs. There are 13 different shampoo and conditioners to choose from which is amazing that a retail line has so many Options. Professional products are so important because you can trust the quality being sold direct from salons, there are so many unknowns when purchased elsewhere, additives, dilution, age, and no warranty are all factors when buying out side salon companies.

Also whats great about buying your products from a professional salon is that your helping with education. L'image puts their retail dollars into furthering the salons education, which in turn benefits the guest ! Just some food for thought !


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